A few Programs and Commentaries on Programs

JAVA Stuff

Some day there might be something really useful here. Meanwhile, there's one zip file with trivial code that fills a non-trivial gap in the Java run-time: the lack of a getenv() method. And there's a rant on a more obscure non-feature as well.

The Lonesome Cowboy Configuration System

This is a minimal configuration control system for very small programming groups, currently in a so-called Beta version that is fully functional. It's mainly my personal gadget, but other people are welcome to try it. Here's the announcement.

A Web Page Validator

Of course you get your Web pages checked against your favorite version of the HTML standard, perhaps by Webtechs. And even before uploading it to there, you may be checking with Weblint. And you spell-check it before that. But when the syntax is all valid, do you go methodically through, clicking on every link to make sure that each one is valid? No misspellings and no dead sites? Well, neither do I. But this is the kind of thing computers are for, no?

You might even be interested in its ability to mirror data based on references in a base file rather than on the directory structures.


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